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It disturbs me that so many “Christians” think they should bully others into their point of view. I think they have misunderstood Jesus Christ as a Sign of Contradiction and think of Him as a Sign of Confrontation!! When Jesus whipped the money lenders out of the Temple, He was contradicting The World which was preventing His disciples from entering the Holy of Holies, which Veil His Crucifixion was to rent (tear) so that souls could approach God! He was not bullying people who simply disagreed with Him. Yet so many “Catholics” will bully another who prefers to kneel during prayer instead of being Charismatic! There is safety in the Tridentine Mass, yet even some bullying takes place there, over other issues. It is sad that those who claim to be tolerant are not even fair! So, continue the skirt wearing! My experience is I am treated more respectfully by both men and women.

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