Against the modes contrary to decency, Bishop Hector Raphael Quillet and Bishop Quillet Marnas 1924

Against the modes contrary to decency, Bishop and Bishop Quillet Marnas 1924

Hector Raphael Quillet (1859-1928)
Finally, the religious Week Clermont publishes this press bishopric:
Indecency increasingly characterized by removing a fashion in women suit sleeve and increasing the turning, no-gene with which some people come to church in an unworthy keeping Christian and sometimes even dare s’ approach the holy table, force us to publish by Messrs. priests warned:
1 L ‘ immodest clothes everywhere and always wrong is especially in the holy place. Therefore anyone allowing to appear there with an inappropriate setting would be liable to be asked to leave the church;
2. The sacraments should be denied to women and girls reporting for the confessional or the holy table in some decent dress (bodice, insufficiently long sleeves, not down below the elbow);
3. Regarding the refusal of the Holy Eucharist, the priest, without making any comments to the person whose holding would be incorrect, will just pass her without giving her Holy Communion;
4. The pastor of a person to whom the sacraments would have been so rejected and could then find the opportunity to give him a fatherly admonition not omit this act of charity.
J.-F. Marnas, Bishop of Clermont (1859-1932)

For these quotes, our readers see how the Church is touched to see paganism clothes invade.

What did I say ? This is not only of paganism. The inhabitants of uncivilized country that brings the ease of travel in Europe, wonder, rightly, to see our civilization disrobe at will, while in the name of civilization, are invited to adopt them, the use of clothing.
Insist is useless, absolutely blatant abuse, the glaring scandal. We certainly do not claim to be able to draw against the torrent of general indecency effective dike, but we beg Christian famiiles to refuse to submit to the yoke of tyranny indecent modes.
They owe it to God.
They owe to Jesus Christ they want to receive the Eucharist years.
They owe it to the Christian tradition.
They owe it to the building of the youth.
If we destroy modesty, we fall into the cesspool of corruption.
Franc., “Against the contrary modes of decency” in La Croix , 45th year, No. 12688, July 24, 1924, p. 1 .

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