Against the (indecent) Fashions and improper dances, Bishop Amette

Against the modes and improper dances, Bishop Amette 1919

Léon-Adolphe Cardinal Place (1850-1920)
Repeatedly We reminded women and Christian girls duty that is imposed on them to abstain from indecent modes and unseemly dances.
We regret to have to repeat our warnings and Our defenses on that twofold.
The Pontiff We lead by example.
In his address to Catholic women of Italy, His Holiness Benedict XV insisted with energy on the obligation of the Christian woman “to prove his honesty by the way they dress.” “Born of the corruption of those who launch them, he said, the” unseemly toilet is a fatal provocation to evil. “
He disapproved “this excess that involves wearing an indecent put into the holy place.”
We Ours these words of the Holy Father, we implore Our diocesan react against the opposing modes to Christian decency. These methods extend to children, mothers should ensure that their daughters are dressed in ways that respect all the delicacies of modesty.
It is another abuse that Christian people have a duty to fight: they are unseemly dances name and exotic origin. Women and Christian girls can not in conscience participate.
Several, to apologize, allege they can do it without doing any evil; the fact remains that these dances are a danger, compounded by immodesty toilet, and a scandal occasion.
It is said that one can not abstain without giving up go into the world: it is for Christian women to banish these abuses of the good society.
Young Christians are the people help by refraining themselves these kinds of dances, they are the first to recognize the impropriety.
In the speech that we have cited, the Pontiff urges the Italian Catholics to “train them a league to combat indecent modes in all PERSONS loss or families on which their influence can be exercised effectively.”
A league of this kind was founded in Paris last spring. We bless and we sincerely hope that it will spread and include in its action the fight against prohibited dances.
It would be unfortunate to want to combine updates and dice entertainment that modesty condemns religious practices and even with frequent communion.
When one professes to be Christian, it must be not only in his heart, but also in its external behavior and in his whole conduct. This is what want to do, we have the confidence, mothers and girls of our diocese, which we know the spirit of faith and piety.
This warning will be read from the pulpit on the first Sunday of Advent.
          Paris, November 24, 1919.
 + LEON-Adolphe AMETTE Cardinal, 
Archbishop of Paris.


Parish Bulletin of St. Sulpice , 15 th year, No. 3, December 25, 1919, p. 38 -39.

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