Modesty Sources That You Will Not Find On This Website and Why

“The worst kind of heretic is the one who, while teaching mostly true Catholic doctrine, adds a word of heresy, like a drop of poison in a cup of water.”

Pope Leo XIII

This website is solely for the compilation of real, Catholic, information about Modesty and all that it implies. It leaves nothing out. But most importantly, it isn’t for “Proving” this or that person right or wrong, it is merely for the Catholic themselves to be able to find, read, see and hear solid information concerning Catholic Modesty, without feeling like the child being scolded on whether their toes are sending someone to hell or not.

But searching the internet for information to put on this website I have come across so very many views on Catholic Modesty; many of them will not be posted on here as viable information. Why ?

  •  This website is for the basic sources of Catholic Information, and then tips for anyone who is interested.
  • We are very careful about whom we are quoting; if the person or group are SSPX, Sedevacantists, or promoting Modesty in a more aggravated way than is originally proposed by the Church, they will not be cited here. On the other hand, if the person is set on downplaying the importance of modesty in dress, they too will not be cited. As most of these (probably well-meaning) people are basing their information on their own feelings and opinions rather than what the Church  has to say about the importance of Modesty. (More about this sort of thinking in a later post).
  • Those who are cited must hold true to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • If a person is not in accordance with the Church in some form, yet are promoting information that holds true to what the Church teaches they may be cited, but with a disclaimer, for the readers benefit and warning.


  Scrolling through Youtube for Catholic Modesty information I have already met with a few people with whom I will not cite. For example:

hqdefault.jpgFather McGuire (In a bio about his it is written that he , “left the New Vatican II Religion and became Traditional Catholics.)  He was expelled from the SSPX but still holds views against the true Catholic Church.



hqdefault.jpg Fr William Jenkins  (Fr. Jenkins is part of the Society of St. Pius V; a break off of the SSPX; SSPV priests regard the questions of the legitimacy of the present hierarchy and the possibility that the Holy See is unoccupied (sedevacantism) to be unresolved. AKA; stay away if you value your Catholic Faith.)

Wanting to add these to this website a did a little bit of research on these two priests and both of them are not part of the Catholic Church.

Please pray for these and all priests!


Here are a few other whom we are very careful about citing on this website, and why:


Image result for father gruner
Photo Source

 The Fatima Center: due to their unfortunate ramblings about Rome that unsettle the reader, without clear and concise proof. Their dislike to Rome and such is not only wrong and a terrible example for Catholics but just plain irritates the heck out of me so..


Plus they are not approved by Rome. So…

 (In the book titled “Devil’s Final Battle”, after “formally accusing” Cardinals Angelo Sodano, Joseph Ratzinger, Dario Castrillon Hoyos and Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, now also a Cardinal, it ends asking “insistently” the Holy Father for “the destitution of the accused from the posts they occupy and their substitution by Prelates who would be willing to work with the Holy Father – honouring the appeals of the Virgin of Fatima – instead of trying to conform the message of Fatima, received from Heaven, with fallible human decisions, thence giving birth to a damaging new orientation of the Church”(p. 273).) 

This list will be added to in the future as more sources are added.

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