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This website is designed to inform, clarify, and aid all persons concerning the Virtue of Modesty.

This does not mean it is another, “opinionated” site, nor a “cult“, it is solely for the Clarification on the subject of Modesty in all its forms, and an aid for those looking to learn more. It does not bind anyone under sin to blind adherence, nor does it expect its information to be taken lightly. It is information, factual; what the reader does after reading is that person’s decision. We especially encourage a strong prayer life and love of the Catholic Church; as this is best way to start anything concerning Modesty.

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Do YOU know what the Catholic Church’s modesty guidelines are?

This website is dedicated to the promulgation and education of Catholic Modesty. Everything is connected to the Teachings of the Faith, and the learning of what is means to be “modest“, and all that follows. It is not meant to force anyone into following anything, but is merely here to explain exactly what means what, and why and how.
But first we must vehemently declare the importance of learning our Faith; the Catholic Faith.
  • Using an easy to understand  Catechism ; one that explains the faith clearly is very helpful.
  • One practice in particular that we would like to strongly encourage you put into good practice is praying the Holy Rosary and developing a good relationship with the Blessed Mother Mary. The book, “The Secret of the Rosary” by St. Louis de Montfort is short and easy to read and helps extremely in this area of Marian devotion.
  • Also frequenting the Sacrament of Confession & attending the Holy Mass are key in cementing a deep love and devotion to our Faith.
 This is all mentioned first because it is the most important thing in the entire world. Yes! Yes it is! Getting to heaven should be our first goal; that is what the Catholic Faith teaches. And so it is vital to understand this while learning about the Virtue of Modesty and its important role in forming in ourselves a love of God, humility, authentic femininity in women and authentic masculinity in men, a serious devotion to their faith and becoming “therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matt 5:48). 
 In the end, if we are not interested in becoming serious Catholics, then Modesty will not be of much help, as its main goal is to please God; turning ourselves (and hopefully others in turn) into holier children of God, glorifying God and working to go to Heaven.

There are many, many, many, MANY excuses and arguments about modesty in dress. Most are coming from people who are just being honest about what they see and what we are promoting. There is nothing wrong with that. But most of their arguments are a bit off, and it is only natural that they be correctly answered with Charity and Clarity.
Catholic-Modesty.com is focused on finding informative articles, videos, books, and so on, concerning Catholic Modesty. One section of the website is dedicated to sources alone, whereas the front page has articles with many ideas and tips on modesty, and also some answers that are more to the point than the sources. For example, “Is it modest to wear makeup!? Are high heel immodest!?” and so on.
The idea for this website came from me, personally not finding any answers concerning Catholic Modesty. Most information I found contradicted what I had found earlier and it continued on and on. One large group seemed to believe that elbows were truly sinful, whereas the other group seemed to downplay the importance and seriousness of modesty in dress altogether. A third group agreed on its importance but didn’t give any real information concerning Modesty that didn’t contradict itself.
I wanted a place where Catholics, like myself, could go to research for themselves what THE CATHOLIC CHURCH says about Modesty, in all its forms (thought, word, speech, dress, example and so on). A place that wasn’t pushing an agenda and was just there simply to give information.
Now, to explain the above question, “Do YOU know what the Catholic Church’s modesty guidelines are?”, I can give you a hint, its not the Marylike Standards. And yes, there really are modesty guidelines. The entire story is here, please feel free to read it over!

What Can Modesty Be Used For?

 Modesty can be used for a great many things:
  • HUMILITY: It first can help us in our battle against vanity and pride; dressing differently than others can certainly be a cross. Humbling ourselves in the presence of God is also a great practice of many Saints.
  • MERIT: It can become a great way of Fasting for sinners in most need, those closest to us and, ultimately for our own sanctification. St. Ignatius of Loyola said,  “‘They who wish to do great things in the service of their Lord and King, will not rest with mere deeds; but will also wage war against their sensuality, their carnal and worldly love, and will thus make offerings to Him of the highest value.'” (read more about the beauty of Merit here!)

  • MORTIFICATION: ‘The more one mortifies his natural inclinations, the more he renders himself capable of receiving divine inspirations and of progressing in virtue.’  St. Francis de Sales
  • PENANCE: As called by Our Lady of Fatima to do!
  • EXAMPLE/EVANGELIZATION: An beautiful example of our faith and devotion to God and holy, eternal things can be expressed very beautifully by our deportment and way of dress!

I hope Catholic-Modesty.com aids others in this very importance topic. You are not alone. May God bless all of you.
Modesty, according to the Catholic Church, has connections not only with the outward apparel of the person (male or female) but also with how a person speaks, how they act towards others (their demeanor), their example, manner, simplicity… the list goes on. The word, modesty, aside from being a fruit of the Holy Spirit is also connected with the virtue of Temperance.
mod·es·ty: “the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities. “with typical modesty he insisted on sharing the credit with others” synonyms: self-effacement, humility, unpretentiousness; the quality of being relatively moderate, limited, or small in amount, rate, or level. “the modesty of his political aspirations” synonyms: limited scope, moderation “the modesty of his aspirations” behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency. plural noun: modesties “modesty forbade her to undress in front of so many people” synonyms: unpretentiousness, simplicity, plainness “the modesty of his home“

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