Where To Find Cheap Swimsuits!?

St. Joseph

So, St. Joseph and my guardian angel are my #1 shopping companions. If, after asking them for help and literally searching for hours and hours and coming up with nothing, its probably for the best. But with that said, God knows our needs and asking your patron Saint and your Guardian angel before putting together a swimsuit or searching for the correct piece at a thrift store, can really help.

Putting everything in God’s hands (after all, this is for His glory is it not?) is my number one tip.

Sew Your Own!

If you are into sewing, (or even if you’re not!) you can try sewing your own bathing suit. There are many patterns for the simple, modest bathing suit. And if you aren’t ready for that yet, you can at least learn to sew modesty panels and/or lengthen board shorts and so on. Sewing is very helpful in the modesty depo if you are interested. 🙂

Look for Polyester/good swimwear fabric on clearance, and also at $1.99 stores near you 🙂



Piece by Piece

Piecing a swimsuit together isn’t as disastrous or frustrating as they make it sound. You just need to agree on exactly what you want to do and work on that. Here are a few of my ideas to help you:

You can find these on Amazon or for brand new at Thrift Stores, or even at stores like Old Navy for great prices:

(NOTE bold words are links!)

Swimdress  with leggings and half tee

Modesty Tip.png

Swim dress with sheer/ish t-shirt over, and leggings.

Modesty Tip (2).png

One piece with sheer/ish t-shirt over and board shorts.

Modesty Tip (3).png

One piece and rash guard & board shorts

Modesty Tip (4).png

Two-piece, board shorts and rash guard

Modesty Tip (6)

skirted one piece with half tee and leggings

Modesty Tip (7)

one piece with half tee and board shorts.

Modesty Tip (8).png

one piece with half tee and leggings

Modesty Tip (9).png

High neck skirted swim dress, (sew panel) leggings.

Modesty Tip (10).png

Zippered one piece   and board shorts

Modesty Tip (11).png

this tunic with leggings or swim shorts.

Modesty Tip (12).png

this kind of swim dress with leggings and half-tee.

Modesty Tip (13).png

Swim skirt and leggings which you can pair with a bikini top (for support) and rash guard.

Modesty Tip (14).png

another swim skirt with leggings 

Modesty Tip (15).png

Cheapest Buys

It rare, but sometimes you can find an actual full modest bathing suit for a cheap price; the only downside is that some of them are Muslim.




Extra Tips

Wearing coverups (when you’re not swimming in the pool and such) over your swimsuit, if you are just dipping in the water for a bit or hanging out at the beach is helpful. Here are a few ideas:

Modesty Tip.png

Modesty Tip (1).png

  • Also, when wearing leggings, put them on first before putting on the one-piece bathing suit.
  • If anything, you can just save up and grab yourself an adorable bathing suit from CreationsBySavannah 🙂



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