Why This Catholic Girl Doesn’t Wear Pants

A Catholic Girl shares her personal experiences concerning skirts!

 These are a few things that I’ve been asked concerning my wearing of skirts :

  • Is it because of such-and-such Catholic group that you belong to? No. I (no longer) belong to any group that promotes the idea that pants on women are an intrinsic evil.
  • Do you have something against pants? Nope.
  • Are you a Mormon or something? I am a Roman Catholic. So, no.
  • Is it a “religious thing” ? Indeed it is!
  • Do you just really like skirts? I do like skirts, but that isn’t the reason why I wear them all the time!
  • Is it because such-and-such person believes pants on women are bad? No. As a child it began like that, until I decided to look into the facts about the “issue” and I made a personal decision based on what I found and what I now believe.
  • Does it have to do…

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