Catholic Modesty And The Use Of Cosmetics

Is it Immodest to Wear Makeup? – TradCatFem

Traditional Catholic Femininity 🌹🙏🌹

“When a woman is expected to cover her face with makeup in order to alter her appearance, to look more “professional,” or to be more attractive to men she is covering up an important part of herself: her face”

The above is an excerpt from a recently published article on the National Catholic Register, titled COSMETICS AND THE OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN

Some Catholics argue for women to use cosmetics and other Catholics argue against the use of cosmetics by women.

On the topic of cosmetics for us Catholic women, and in particular for us traditional Catholic women, where do we draw the line between being accused of vanity and exhibitionism, and being accused of being rigid, rad trads?

So, is there Catholic teaching on wearing makeup?  Is it a sin to wear makeup?

What were the saints’ opinions on the use of cosmetics and makeup?

St Augustine condemned all makeup…

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