St. Thomas Aquinas & The Prostitute
Temptation of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Francesco Gessi – 2007-06-20

“His brothers tried to break his resistance by introducing into his room a woman of loose character. Thomas seized a burning brand from the hearth and drove her out, then knelt and implored God to grant him the gift of perpetual chastity. His early biographers write that he at once fell into a deep sleep, during which he was visited by two angels, who girded him around the waist with a cord so tight that it waked him. Thomas himself did not reveal this vision, until, on his deathbed, he described it to his old friend and confessor, Brother Reginald, adding that from this time on he was never again troubled by temptations of the flesh.”

 Imagine the fuss “Catholic’s” today would make over his “resistance to dialogue” with the woman, or whatever load of horse dung they come up with concerning temptation, the flesh, and sexual sin!


2 thoughts on “St. Thomas Aquinas & The Prostitute

  1. What a missed opportunity this posting was! And how sad that you turned a storyof St.Thomas Aquinas into an opportunity to stereotype your fellow Catholics. Why bother fighting against the spread of other religions if you’re advocating for division in the Church herself?


    1. Jacinta Boudreau May 18, 2018 — 6:26 PM

      LOL Not sure what exactly you are trying to say; I just shared the story in its entirety; it happened, and honestly there’s nothing added to it. Sooo I don’t get your meaning.


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