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It surely is something to be encouraged. I’ll start with the ‘tops’ The female face looks sooo much prettier with a ‘sort of ‘ frame. Start with a collar or a scarf. How it softens and beautifies the appearance. Then add a few curls or a straight ‘do’ with a few strands of hair about … Continue reading Mary S. – via Facebook

Mary S. – via Facebook

J.M.J. I wish I was born when modesty was ok but nowadays I’m told that I have an old grandma kind of fashion because I wear long skirts and when I go to mass I wear Chapel veils. I’m only 15. It really makes me sad to see what has become of our society today. … Continue reading Bernadette G. – via Youtube

Bernadette G. – via Youtube

This was so very helpful! Thank you so much! 🌻🌻🌻

Maria F. – via Youtube

  Thank you for sharing,have been waiting for long time now for your truthful teachings about modesty. God bless you so much and keep it up. I really love your account. More grace and wisdom to teach more about modesty and consequence s of immodesty  

Anijunsi Christopher Chukwuma – via Instagram

I am really enjoying your site by the way. It is pact with great information that we all desire to know about our faith.

Kimberly G. – via Facebook

It disturbs me that so many “Christians” think they should bully others into their point of view. I think they have misunderstood Jesus Christ as a Sign of Contradiction and think of Him as a Sign of Confrontation!! When Jesus whipped the money lenders out of the Temple, He was contradicting The World which was … Continue reading Elise H. – via Wordpress

Elise H. – via Wordpress

I love your account so much !!! Your posts are so cute & really appeal to the younger catholic girls !!

churchuniversal – via Instagram

God bless you & thank you for your posts! 🙏🏼❤️❤️

anchillaetfiliadei – via Instagram

I love your page! Thanks for speaking out about modesty ❤️

catholic_lemonade – via Instagram

thankyou for this. i am sick of seeing the puritanic american protestant modesty of dress being enforced, even filtering into the catholic ‘arena’.

Larissa J. – via Facebook

It has a lot of quality information. It’s great!

Beverly T. – via Wordpress


Catholic Working Mom – via youtube


Catholic Queen – via Youtube

Love that you share modesty ❤️

shopindigolane – via Instagram

I’ve looked through your page, and I love the modest fashion! I’m loving all of your posts on modest swimsuits, they’re all so cute!

starlightinmysoul – via Instagram

Keep up the good work 🙂

Vincent F. – via Facebook

Indeed,this is one of the most candid post I’ve read concerning modest ((Modesty Hypocrisy – What Is Suitable?) )

Raphael O. – via Facebook

Love your account! Thank you for promoting modesty to Catholics! It’s a great thing you’re doing! –

mizashleymatney – via Instagram

oh thank you so so much!!!!i absolutely loved all the (Pinterest) boards you have in this account!! it’s like a modesty life hack account. thank you for this! i’m sure you’re benefiting a lot of people and inspiring them to be modest 😊

fiatvoluntastua_ – via Instagram

I just found your page and I’m so happy I did!

thistle_and_brush – via Instagram

Thank you for sharing your faith!

chrisagron – via Instagram

😇🦋🙌🏻very pleased about this!!!!

blythespirit1 – via Instagram

Beautiful!!! Wonderful!! Bravo!!

loribalderas15 – via Instagram

I’m Muslim and I agree with what you said here. Everyone has their own view so, I guess these people think that they’re helping an ‘oppressed’ lady out. Props to you for making your own choices based on your beliefs!

Phantom Paper – via website

Amen to this! I wish I read (Dressing Like A Man For Mass) years ago. I used to wear jeans and sneakers to mass. The past few years I have been dressing up.  

Gabriel L. – via website

It is amazing to hear/read about other Catholic girls wanting to do God’s Will. Not everyone does and the few that do have a hard time finding like minded friends at times. I’ve been there but thank God I became committed to Modesty in dress +behavior when I was 11.

Maria F. – via website
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